Barbosa Jewelry Skull and Crossbones Antique Brass, Silver and Leather Snap Cuff Bracelet

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Barbosa Collection - Artisan Crafted in Mexico

Barbosa Jewelry Skull and Crossbones Antique Brass Silver Leather Snap Cuff Bracelet

8" Long Band and 1.6" Wide 

Origin of the collection:


The pieces of the Barbosa Jewelry collection are created by the designer Felipe Barbosa, who has designed jewelry for celebrities such as Vanessa Swarovski and Carlos Santana as well as accessories and trophies such as the Silver Cross for the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF). The charm, culture and customs of Mexico's magic villages are the inspiration with which he creates his designs. These characteristics are transmitted in each of the pieces to make them feel beautiful and elegant for the people who carry them.  The pieces are made from brass with 24K gold plated or silver plate. Additionally, there is a coating which will make your jewelry retain their original color and shine for a long time. Other fine quality materials like Swarovski crystal, leather and silk are also used.  Barbosa Jewelry is a company dedicated to making fine handmade jewelry. Their shop is located at in the center of San Miguel de Allende.