EL VAQUERO Maleficent Punch Mou Carmel Leather Wedge Moccasin Boots

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Proud of her name, Maleficent is our over the knee moccasin that wants to stay simple without losing style. This creation is clear in the design, decorated with a symbolic buckle strap and completed with our raw colored hand-made stitches. Maleficent, flexible and soft, is treated with a silverstone washed treatment which gives her a timeless look and beautiful natural shades. Available in this captivating color, this made in Italy creation is perfect for every season.

2 3/4" internal wedge heel

1 1/2" wedge sole

Handmade seams

Vintage Treatment

Metal details 100% nickel-free

Leather details

Rubber sole

100% Calf Suede

Wonderful moccasin boots with very thick handmade stitching on the upper part, unmistakable feature of El Vaquero brand.