Custom Orders Plan Details

We are proud to offer our Custom Order/On Order Purchase Program!

It allows you to purchase the item(s) you’ve been wanting and by making payments. Add your favorite items to your cart, at checkout you only pay a 50% deposit and you’ll have until the promise date to pay the remainder of the balance (if a discount code is used the 50% balance is due within 30 days)...that's it...SIMPLE! 

Here's how it works ... 

1. Fill your cart with as many Custom Order/On Order boots that you can't live without. Once you’re finished, Proceed to Checkout where you can register as a new customer (or log into your account) 

2. Follow each page through to the Order Details...On the bottom left you’ll see "How would you like to pay?" Mark the "Custom Order" box & finish checkout. 

3. We will receive notification of your order showing the status as "Awaiting Payment". But don't worry… your order is in our system, and your order complete with style and size is reserved. 

4. Our customer service department will send you a Paypal Invoice to the email address on file with your order. If you don't have a Paypal account, or prefer to contact us and pay directly, just give us a call at 602-540-4583 and we will be happy to assist. Your invoice will show the total amount of your order with the 50% deposit amount due. You can make partial payments or just pay the balance on the promise date (or if a discount code is used within 30 days).

5. You have 24 hours to make the 50% deposit to initiate the Custom Order...if the deposit payment is not made within that 24 hours the order will be cancelled and size will be available to other buyers.  Once the Custom Order/On Order is placed it is Non-Cancellable as the manufacturer sets product and time aside for the handmade production of your order.

 6. When the boots arrive at your forever home and there is a change of heart we have found that refunds instead of store credit creates a much better shopping experience therefore all custom order purchases (with the exception of those that have used ANY discount coupon code at time of purchase)  will receive either an exchange for another boot or a refund. For those purchases where a discount coupon code was used at time of purchase a exchange or store credit would be applicable.